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1 piece at a time

In my quest to rid my life of unnecessary clothes, I am making myself wear pieces of clothing I rarely wear. So when I get dressed in the morning and I want to change the top or skirt or shoes etc because I don’t like something about that item, I know that is a sign to myself that I really don’t need or LOVE this item and it gets placed in the donations bag. Since I started doing this I have purged several items that I thought I just had to keep. This method seems to work better for me instead of just getting rid of everything but the basics. It’s like I give the item a chance to redeem itself. 

Meanwhile, I am 1/2 way thru the first closet in the guest room.

Cleaning closets

So earlier I had said I wasn’t going to go thru and weed out my clothing, but I have been. While cleaning out the guest room I would continue the cleaning and go into my closet. This is what I have my clothing down to for now. I know down the road I will let go if more. Here is my current list:

23 Tank tops

13 Greek tops

11 Sheath tops

4      Long sleeve tops

7      Long sleeve blouses

24    Tops

42 Tee shirts

30    Skirts

5     Long skirts

5    Capris

5    Trousers

24  Dresses

6    Pullover sweaters

8    Jeans/capris jeans

11  Blazers

11 Cardigans

New chair

I bought this chair at the thrift store for $5.00. I tore off the vinyl covering and then put this floral material on it.

I bought 6 scarves at the Dollar tree store and sewed them into  a autumn wrap. $6.00 compared to  $29.99 and up.  I like the wrap better than wearing jackets while driving.

Update on sorting and down sizing. I am concentrating on going thru stuff and not so much clothing, but I have narrowed down my jeans to 3 jeans and 4 capri jeans since work has started letting us wear jeans to work. Of course the jeans have to be in good condition, no tears, holes etc… so that’s off of my to  do list.