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Trying to move on

Since my mom passed I have been going thru her things and it has made me realize how much STUFF! she and I both have. I can only weed thru her things a few days a week without breaking down and crying. Crying like I am now just writing this. If you read my blog you know I have done some weeding of my stuff…purses mostly. Well I am “TRYING” to go thru my things also. Since I do crafts I notice that I keep a lot of things because I could use this to make something! So my first step is not to BUY anything that I don’t actually use, need or eat. And it has been hard. I LOVE those solar dancers. I have stopped BUYING THEM!
I went thru my socks, nylons, pj’s & other items along that line. I am starting on shoes! My weakness in shoes are FLIP FLOPS from the $1.00 tree. So I wear a different colour every week! I went thru my heels and the ones that hurt my feet went to good homes.
My mom has a tons of shoes….well at least I come by that naturally! She wore a size 6 to 6 1/2 I wear 7 1/2 wide! Thanks Dad! So there is no temptation to keep her shoes!
My long term goal is to keep and use what I have and to only buy what I need. The crafter/artist in me is screaming! NO but I will just have to do more craft fairs so the stuff I buy for my crafts will be sold as a craft. I have a craft fair next month and I am sewing up a storm…well a light drizzle!

Thanks for letting me vent.
Pamela S.