Back from Vegas! Actually, I came back middle of last week, but I had to play catch up at work and then Monday I had a craft fair. The fair was fun, but hot and muddy!

Las Vegas
There was a place where you can make your own flip flops. So fun!
Jessica and Chelsey                                                                                     Employee helping us
My flip flops!

Different places around Las Vegas
The Cosmopolitan had this 3 story beautiful chandelier

The Hershey store! This was a dangerous place! lol

Different hotels


I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I was mostly looking and gambling. I didn’t win big but I had fun trying to!

My booth at the craft fair.


Short Week

This week is a short week for me. This weekend is a girls weekend to Las Vegas! Beyond Excited!

Besides spending time with my mom on Mothers Day, I did some sewing this weekend. I made a crown from some men’s ties

What is so great is that I used the big end of the tie. Doing that cut my sewing time in half.
Then I made up some skirts from bandanas. The pink one (which I am wearing today) I lined this one and I didn’t the others I made. I will wearing capris leggings with the skirts that aren’t line. Going forward, however I am going to line the skirts. I use 3 bandanas. With bandanas that have designs I use 2 and the 3rd one is solid. I cut the solid one in half and sew between the design bandanas.
Pink elephant skirt line with other bandanas.

Arrow skirt         Green skirt     Paisley skirt

I love this elastic band material. It is the same material that is used for baby headbands. It is so much easier to sew with then the normal white band type of elastic. I got the elastic material at Wal-Mart, they had alot of colours but no white or black; so that is why the green and paisley skirts have blue bands.

Today’s Outfit:
Purple top

Pink elephant skirt



Today’s Outfit:
Burgundy top

Colourful scarf

Black pants

New black shoes – I tossed my other black shoes because the memory foam died. This pair has silver thread thru it so it is easier to tell apart from my brown ones.