My friend Mandy who started wearing black pants and a white blouse to work every day has decided to change things up. I am surprised she has done the black and white outfit for as long has she has. She said she is switching it up. She is doing black top/white pants and white top/black pants every other day. She told me last summer which was unbelievable hot here in Tennessee almost did her in. So she decided this year she would make the change. I couldn’t do that. I love colour too much. She is doing to her black tops and pants like she did her white tops. Getting 5 or so different designs. I suggested to her to add checked tops and/or capris, then she has both black and white. She did tell me one thing she added; which I love, she wears a pair of colourful shoes every day! I love that idea!
Tell me, could you make yourself wear the same colours to work everyday and be okay with it?

Today’s Outfit:
Yellow top

Daisy and bumblebee cardigan

Black capris

Black shoes


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