Start of a new week

This weekend I made an attempt to go thru my closet and weed out what I don’t wear, or need or like. Every article and website says to take everything out of your closet and just put back what you like and wear. Well easier said than done. As I was starting to do that my lovely cats decided to come into the bedroom…they (3) had all be sound asleep by the window soaking in the sun; and lay on my clothes. So I put back what I took out and just left everything hanging and went thru my clothes that way. I did not do my whole closet, I went thru my capris and started on my tops.
So I have decided to take a different approach to weeding out my closet. I am going decide what to keep and what to toss when I dress in the morning. Like today I am wearing a gray skirt. I have another gray skirt but it is heavier material so I am tossing the heavier skirt. It will take longer, but I figure I will give each piece of clothing a fair chance.

Today’s Outfit:
Pink top
Silver necklace
Gray sweater
Gray skirt
Pewter shoes


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