Back at work

I am back to work for a few days. My mom’s older sister passed away Saturday from Alzheimer’s disease and tomorrow my mom has cataract surgery. My Aunt has lived in Texas for the last 15 years or so to be near my cousin who is an only child. She will be buried in Louisville, KY. The arrangements to move her body to Kentucky are still being worked out. I just hope there’s isn’t any snow or ice so getting over the mountain from Tennessee to Kentucky and then onto Louisville will be easy. I know if the weather prevented us to go to the funeral my mother would be very very upset. Her brother said he wont be able to go because he has a cold, but my Uncle and always been the odd one in the family. I personally think there are some things you should just suck up and do, but to each it own.

Today’s Outfit:
Pink and navy striped top
Navy skirt
Navy shoes
Heavy coat


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