Cooler weather

I have a lot of jewelry and I try to wear a different necklace each day. Sometimes I even have “themes” like only wearing gold one week and then silver the next etc. So I decided, now that it is cooling down I am going to wear a scarf a day until I have worn every one of them. I think the scarf is one of the most valuable accessory a woman can have. Besides keeping you warm and your hair in place a scarf can make any ordinary outfit look sophisticated and give you an air of mystery; and all women should have an air of mystery about them. Add one from your vacation, or next time you go to a museum or that boutique you love but can rarely afford, splurge and buy a funky scarf. It will go great with your little black dress!

This should be fun!

Today’s Outfit:
Tan top
Navy and white scarf
Navy skirt
short navy skirt
Silver hoop earrings

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