Following My Dream?

I use to have a “shop” on Etsy but I never really sold enough to keep it up, so I closed my Etsy store and started doing craft fairs again. Craft fairs are really fun, you get to meet people and fellow crafters and it is nice to have that support system. So lately I have been thinking about buying a used RV so that I could travel more with my crafts. Right now I go to craft fairs that are close to home and that are usually just a 1 day event. With the RV I can travel and not worry about the cost of a hotel and food plus the cost of the booth at the craft fair.
The biggest thing I am running into is the cost. If I find a reasonable price RV it is a mess or it is in for sale in a different part of the country. I think buying a newer RV would make more sense, but I don’t want to go into debt.
I have seriously thought about scaling down and living full time in a RV and travel the country, but I would have to do more than just sell my jewelry and other crafts. But first things first, I need to find a RV.

I made monster head bands this weekend.
monster headbands
Today’s Outfit:
Navy top
Blue and black animal print capris
blue capris
Silver hoops
Brown sandals


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