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Today’s Outfit:
Teal top
Black skirt
Black marble design necklace and earrings
Colourful flats

M & M

Last night I painted my pink flats. From plain pink to Mickey and Minnie shoes! This was really easy. Next time though I will draw her bow and then head. I was going to use the pink material as Minnie’s bow. Instead I drew the head and the bow and of course the lines from the head showed. So red bow instead of pink bow. I have 3 more sneakers, purple, red and navy. I just have to decide what to paint.
Before                            After
shoes           Mickey and Minnie shoes

Today’s Outfit:
I had to wear pink so I could wear my shoes!
Pink and navy stripe top
Pink necklace
necklace and earrings
Navy skirt
Mickey and Minnie shoes!
Mickey and Minnie shoes


I painted sneakers this weekend. I used fabric pens, next time I will use acrylic paint. I just think the paint will go on easier. I just need to seal the sneakers
I am a big fan of Rocky and Bullwinkle. As a matter of fact I had 2 black cats that I named Boris and Natasha.
Sneakers ~

Before                       After
plain white sneakers     5

9     8     6     7

1     2     3     4

I have a pair of pink canvas shoes that I am going to paint next.

Today’s Outfit:
Brown and orange dress
Daisy necklace
Jewelled sandals


Today’s Outfit:
Navy top
Pale blue capris
Aqua capris
Fish scarf
Mermaid earrings and mermaid ring
earrings     mermaid ring


It has been so hot the last few days that I have been staying inside and sewing. I took a plan black tank top and added some lace to the sides and sleeves. If the stays this hot I could have a whole new wardrobe by Fall!

Today’s Outfit:
Black lace tank top
tank top
Black and white leggings
checked pants
Silver hoops and necklace
small silver hoop earrings star necklace
Black sandals

Silly City day

There are a lot of cities named after numbers: Enjoy!
Forty Five, Tennessee
Ten Mile, Tennessee
Eighty Eight, Kentucky
Five Forks, Kentucky
Five Lick Creek, Kentucky
Five Points, Kentucky
Fourmile, Kentucky
Fourseam, Kentucky
Sixteen, Kentucky
Sixth Vein, Kentucky
Ten Spot, Kentucky
Tenmile, Kentucky
Thousandsticks, Kentucky
Three Forks, Kentucky
Triplett, Kentucky
Twin Lakes, Kentucky
Twentysix, Kentucky
Eight Mile, Alabama
Half Acre, Alabama
Half Chance, Alabama
Sixmile, Alabama
Five Forks, Georgia
Sixes, Georgia
Twin City,Georgia
Six Points, Clay County, Indiana
Six Points, Indiana
Twelve Mile, Indiana
Six Lakes, MI

Today’s Outfit:
Black top
Surf board scarf
Surfboard scarf Surfboard scarf2
Fuchsia skirt
Teal earrings
Gold sandals