At the end of work yesterday I was coming back from the restroom and about to open the door to my dept I noticed ANOTHER BAT!!! sound asleep on top of the door jam.
He is just peacefully sleeping away and I am in a laughing state of panic. Thinking to myself….NOT AGAIN! I just opened that door and walked thru it to go to the restroom. I wonder how long has he been there? All day? I get goose bumps just thinking about that.
This has been the 3rd bat this year and it’s just May!
So I go thru the payroll dept. I tell my boss and call our maintenance guy. He tells me the critters guys won’t be there until tomorrow morning! I make a sign about the bat for the night cleaning crew and my boss texts the girls that have already left for the day about the bat.
This morning the bat is still there sound asleep. The critters guys come and got him and this one was mad he was being disturbed during his “beauty sleep” and started to stretch his wings, but the critters guys put a net over the bat and carried him away.

Today’s Outfit:
Greek white top
Brown bead necklace and earrings
Brown skirt
Gold sandals


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