Jewelry Making

Last night I worked on my jewelry. I bought these 2 necklaces for $.99 cents each and turned them into earrings ~ talk about a bargain!
Before 2 necklaces
After jeweled hooped earrings
I also made these cute bracelets. I was on Pinterest and saw a picture of Grace Kelly and she was wearing these pearl bracelets. So I started looked for something similar every time I was out shopping. Mostly I saw just pearl bracelets and not pearl and chain bracelets. Then I found this necklace for $1.99, the same time I found the 2 necklaces. So I made my own bracelets!
Before pearl necklace
After pearl bracelets

Today’s Outfit:
Colourful silky top
Black skirt
Jeweled earrings
After jeweled hooped earrings
Pearl and chain bracelets
After pearl bracelets


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