Yesterday was fun!

So I had an exciting day at work after lunch.
S who works in my dept was in the copier/file room and was throwing away some paper in the recycle basket when she noticed a BAT! This is the 2nd bat of the year. We have a lot of bats that seem to like our dept. Our maintenance guy thinks the bats come in with the cleaning crew at night and while the doors are open fly into our dept. Well that theory doesn’t hold up now. Well the critters guys were called but they were in another city and wouldn’t be able to come until this morning. So S put a big paper box on top of the recycle basket and we posted a big sign about the bat. We didn’t want the cleaning crew to get a BIG SURPRISE!
So the critters guys have come and gone and get this the bat is still alive! This bat was bigger than the others we have had, but I couldn’t get a good picture of him. The critter guy picked the bat up with the net and put his hand over his body, the bat was sticking out on both ends of the critters guys hand. We have decided to call our dept the Bat Cave!
Too bad Henry Cavill doesn’t play batman, because I am just not a big fan of Ben Affleck.

Today’s silly city day ~ I didn’t find any bat named cities on the list I have, but since baseball has started and “BATS” are used in baseball I thought these names would work.
Ballplay, Alabama
Fairplay, Georgia
Fairplay, Kentucky

Today’s Outfit:
Peacock design shirt
Black skirt
Colourful flats

I hope everyone has a Bat Free Day!


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