Clip earrings to pierced earrings

Instructions on how to take clip earrings or buttons and make them into pierced earrings.

You need:
Pliers and wire cutters to pull or cut off the clip part of the earring.
If you use buttons you will need wire cutters to cut off the back of the button. Then sand down the rough spot.
wire cutters
If the earring or button is uneven or too deep to glue the post to the back add washers. You can find these at Walmart or Lowes etc.
I like Alene’s jewelry glue the best, but I do use 9001 also. I put glue on both sides, you don’t have to wait for the glue to get tacky to add the back. Let the earrings set for 24 hours. Since most earrings are an uneven surface I  use the tops of soda lids to hold the earrings.

I will add a picture later.

Here is the pictureHolder
Glue Alenes glue  9001 glue
Posts for the back
earring backs
Buttons – There are alot of beautiful buttons and most are cheaper then earrings.
With the clip and then the clip taken off and there is a big hole so I glued the washer to the back and then added the post. Again let set for 24 hours.
clip earrings     earrings without clips     earrings with washer     Finished earrings
So go and see if your mom, grandmother or aunt has some old clip earrings they aren’t wearing. Raid your grandma’s button jar and have fun time making some earrings.

Today’s Outfit:
Teal top
Polk a dot skirt made from bandanas
Colourful earrings the go with the skirt
Black flats


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