So glad it is Friday. Boss is off and M – the drama queen of our dept will be coming in late….and she is only working a 1/2 day today!
The office will be quite and drama free. She has been having trouble with her boyfriend. He’s in his 30’s and M is in her 60’s. I don’t care about that, but what is funny is that he has told his parents he is seeing a girl who is around his age. Also and this has been the buzz of late, he wont go out with M to certain places because he might run into friends or family!
Every time she is on the phone with our vendors she tells them her latest problem, so I have heard this story about 3 times a day this whole week.
Well I need to stop gossiping or I might become M!

Today’s Outfit:
Yellow top
Purple skirt/Gauchos
Purple scarf
Purple bracelet
Gold earrings


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