It snowed and K-town stops!

So last night the forecast was snow, so school was cancelled for today. From my window at work yesterday this is what it looked like outside.
So I am thinking it is not going to do anything. Well it did snow, this is what it looks like this morning.
Nothing on the grass but
No snow on grass
Snow on the road
Snow on road

To top it all off, my heat went out last night! Thank goodness I have one of those big heaters that looks like a stove.
Heater guy is coming sometime this morning, my Mom will be there to let him in.

The weather guys are saying the worst will be coming later today. I drove in and so far I am the only one here in my dept.(No big surprise there) if it does get bad, I am out of here.

Oh and work doesn’t have the parking lots cleared!

Parking lot2Parking lot1

Stay warm everyone!

Today’s Outfit:
This nice warm dress with burgundy leggings
Burgundy leggings


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