It’s Thursday!

It’s Thursday so it’s time for another silly name city. I thought this city name was appropriate for the New Year.
Hopeful, Alabama

Boss is off the rest of the week and the 1 person in our office who does as little as possible called in sick! WOW what a surprise! (said/written with a sarcastic tone) W is the type of person that has on going drama in her life so it’s always nice when W is out, the office is quiet and peaceful.

Today’s Outfit:
Red top
Fashion 002
Red vintage earrings
Red bead earrings
Navy skirt
Clothes 002
Red and Navy cardigan I got at Target
Red and navy cardigan
Navy flats
Fashion 001

So last night I got all of my winter hats, gloves and scarves out. I took all my coats and emptied the pockets and I lined everything up.
My winter hats. The purple one in the front doesn’t cover my ears so it went into the donated pile. I am keeping the rest, but I making myself wear a different one each day.

My scarves. the ones in the back are the scarves I made. I will be selling them at my next craft fair. Like my hats I am going to wear a different each day
Winter scarves1Winter scarves2

My gloves
Winter gloves I only had 2 extra pairs that didn’t go with a coat and in my car. In the donate pile.

This group is what I put in my car.
to keep in car


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