Christmas shopping

It’s been hard to get into the Christmas spirit with unusually warm weather. Even for the south waking up 68 degrees is not normal and I haven’t been able to really wear my Christmas sweaters. This Saturday was my work’s Christmas party and I wore a light weight long sleeve winter shirt and trousers.
Christmas Sweaters 006
I bought some Christmas earrings at Claire’s and there was a sale buy 3 get 3 free! I figure if I can’t wear my Christmas sweaters, I can wear my Christmas earrings.
Winter animals earrings
Snowflakes earrings
Snow outfit earrings Today I am wearing the pink mittens and pint hot chocolate mugs with the eyes
Mitten earrings
Ice Skate earrings

I did get all of my Christmas shopping done and I bought myself a purse. I know I have too many and earlier this year donated some but I couldn’t pass this up. Charming Charlie, a wonderful store sent me a $10.00 coupon. So when I went to the store I had all intentions of buying a scarf or earrings, but purses that were over $29.00 were $10.00 off and the sales girl said I could use my $10.00 coupon on top of that!!!

So I bought this purse! So pretty!
Priced at $35.00 with both discounts I got it for $15.00 plus tax!!!
purse price tag Charming Charlie

Sales receipt

Today’s Christmas theme city name is: Ice, Kentucky

Today’s Outfit:
Pink top
Pale pink top
Brown skirt
Brown skirt


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