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Bye Bye 2015 – Hello 2016!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Years’ Eve and a pain free, headache free Jan 1 morning!

I found 2 New Year’s theme cities:
Hopeful, Georgia! and more importantly Coffeeville, Alabama!


So work has been crazy this last week, but I got everything on my end done. So Yeah!

Today’s Outfit:

Taupe coloured top
Taupe top
Brown skirt
Brown skirt
Navy jacket
Clothes 001
Gold earrings and necklace
Gold earrings before afternecklace

I love the Minions! So I turned this little tin into an earring holder. It’s great for travel
Earring tin
I bought the soft sponge curlers at the $Dollar Tree store, cut off the ends, took out the wire inside and cut the curlers to size and hot glued to the bottom and Earring Holder in travel size!

I have a few more candy tins that I have kept but didn’t know what to do with, so I am going to make some more jewelry holders. Not only will my jewelry be more organized it will look pretty while out on my dresser.

3 days and counting

I have to say I am so tired of all cookies, and chocolate and fudge I have been getting. Everyone in the world is giving me candy this year, even people at work. If someone stops by guess what they have in the cute bag, Christmas candy! This year I made these Snowmen candles and that’s what my friends got
I must say I am doing fairly well and not eating everything plus I am giving away some of the goodies I have gotten.

Today’s Outfit:
Pink top
Gray pixie pants
Gray pants
Black flats
Black shoes

Last week of the 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
No snow on Christmas, just rain and then Saturday it looked like this
Dec 26 2015
Bright and sunny

Can’t believe this year is almost over\

Today’s Outfit:

Peacock top
Peacock top
Black skirt
Black pencil skirt
Black flats
Black shoes

Christmas Eve

So I saved the best Christmas name city for last ~ Santa Claus, Indiana! and the city has a twitter account!! Of course I am following it. I am sure there are other cities with Christmas themed names. If you know of any drop me a line. I would love to hear about it.

Today’s Outfit:
Santa shirt
Santa Claus shirt
Matching socks
Black pixie pants
Black flats
Snow flake earrings in my upper ear – the white ones
Snowflakes earrings
Rhinestone red and green hoop earrings in the lower
Rhinestone Christmas earrings

This is what my town looks like this morning. Rainy, foggy and not one hint of snow

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.
See ya all next week ~ waiting to welcome 2016!

December 23

Christmas theme city of the day: Wiser, Indiana

Today’s Outfit:
I tried to dress festive today
Gold sleeveless top – on sale at JC Penney’s $9.99
Gold sleeveless top
Red cardigan
Red Cardigan
Black pixie pants
Black booties
Black booties
Gold chain
Star earrings from this set
Star necklace and earrings

Today is National Date Nut Bread Day

Christmas theme city of the day: Wisdom, Kentucky

Non Christmas weather again today, but I have to work Christmas Eve (1/2 a day), so no matter what the weather I am wearing a Christmas shirt!

Today’s Outfit:
Brown top
Brown top
Gold necklace
3 layer gold necklace
Gold Christmas tree earrings
Gold Christmas tree earrings
Animal print skirt
Clothes 005
Brown flats
Black shoes