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I will be on vacation starting tomorrow and all next week so I wanted to list all of the Thanksgiving sounding city names to day.
Goblesville, Indiana
Pumpkin Center, Kentucky
Shopville, Kentucky
Turkey, Kentucky
Turkeytown, Kentucky

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Still in shock from this weekend. Praying for Paris and the world
Today’s Outfit:
White top
White top
Black and purple skirt
Clothes 003
Black flats

Silly City

Thanksgiving themed cities: Pumpkin Center, Kentucky

Today’s Outfit:
Beautiful long sweater – I bought this at Goodwill for $3.99! a few weeks back. I love all the colours. It goes with most, if not all of my clothes.
SweaterBack of sweater
Taupe top
Taupe top
Gold earrings
Gold chain necklace
Dark green skirt
Mustard coloured flats
Camel coloured flats

Happy Veterans Day

Here is a picture of my Grandfather and his unit while he was at the Navy training camp during WWII. He is on the first standing row, 2nd from the right.
Grandpaw Smith

      ^right here

 Today’s Outfit:
Blueish gray top
Bicycle scarf
Bicycle scarf
Camel coloured skinny trousers
Camel coloured flats
Camel coloured flats

Today’s Outfit:
Pink top
Pale pink top
Brown necklace
Brown bead necklace
Pink cardigan
Pink cardigan
Brown skirt
Brown skirt
Brown shoes