Happy October

Since it is the first day of October and silly city day, I decided each day throughout October to list all the cities that go with Halloween.

Today’s city is: Bad Axe, MI

To get into the “spirit” of Halloween, I decorated my office. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!
This is above my desk
above desk
And these lovelies are just hanging around
I made a Halloween wreath for my door and everything for the wreath I bought at the Dollar Tree!
I got my idea from this picture
Sample idea but I wanted to see the crows and not their butts.

What you will need is a wreath, some cloth or ribbon to wrap around the wreath. I used a Halloween scarf and use how many crows you want.
Wreath ring
Scarf – I bought a new one
Spider scarf2Spider scarf
Wrapped around the wreath
Scarf wrapped around wreath
Crows – I bought 6 crows and what’s nice is there are picks in the crows feet, so all I had to do was poke them into the wreath.
Crows Pics in crows feet
Finished Wreath
Finished Crow wreath
and I cut a hole thru the scarf to use it as the holder

Today’s Outfit:
Purple top
Animal print skirt
Clothes 005
Brown beads – Goodwill .99 cents
Brown bead necklace
Gold knot earrings from the 70’s, that were my mom’s
Knot earrings
Brown wedges
Brown wedges


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