Summer and Autumn clothes

Now that Autumn is here and it is slowly getting cooler out, I am looking forward to wearing boots and booties. Last year I bought several, (I am still looking for a burgundy/oxblood colour with a low heel) but I noticed I didn’t wear my bright blue booties much. So I have been looking thru my clothes, in magazines and on the web to get different ideas for colour combinations to wear my “Elvis” booties with. I’ve gotten a few ideas, now it just has to get a little cooler so I can try them out.
While I was looking thru my clothes I started to decide on which “summer” clothes to keep in the front of closet and which ones to put in the back. It still get’s in the 80’s here during the day, so my capris are still in rotation and so are my tank tops. I wear my tanks underneath my jackets and cardigans. I pull a few of my mid length sleeve shirts to the front but the turtlenecks, heavy pull over sweaters and tights are staying packed.

Today’s Outfit:
Mustard coloured short sleeve top
Mustard coloured top
Multi-coloured scarf
Navy skirt
Clothes 002
Gold vintage earrings
Gold earrings before after
Navy flats
Fashion 001
I have a pair of mustard flats, but it is raining today and these shoes have the middle cut out, so no wet feet for me!
Camel coloured flats


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