Odd Hobbies

I have a lot of hobbies. Sewing, painting, fixing and upcycling jewelry.
Another hobby I enjoy and brings a lot of laughter is finding and going to silly and unusual named cities. Years ago I worked for a cell phone company in the tech department. I used the map a lot to see where people were and in doing this I ran across some funny named cities.

Some of my favorite of silly named cities in Tennessee:
Disco, Tennessee
Top of the World, Tennessee
Bucksnort, Tennessee
Nameless, Tennessee
Sweet Lips, Tennessee

In Kentucky:
Monkeys Eyebrow, Kentucky
Bandana, Kentucky – I wonder if Monkeys Eyebrow is close to Bandana?
Bee Lick, Kentucky
Butterfly, Kentucky – sounds like a beautiful place
Catnip, Kentucky

I am starting with Tennessee where I live and going to the states closest to me.
My version of 100 places to see before you die.

Today’s Outfit:
Yellow top
Yellow shirt
New scarf
Fuchsia skirt
Clothes 012
Silver and yellow hoop earrings
Silver sandals
clothing 001
Yesterday I wore flats and it didn’t rain. So today I bet it rains since I am wearing sandals.


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