Love the Community Chest Thrift Store

Friday I went to the Community Chest Thrift Store where all of the clothing there are a $1.00 and I bought 8 men’s shirts. $8.00 can’t beat that.

I tried each on to make sure the shirt would fit over the “girls” and I bought all the crazy and wild looking tropical shirts there were.

Recycle Couture 008

Recycle Couture 007

Recycle Couture 006

Recycle Couture 005

Recycle Couture 004Before

After 2After – SO CUTE

Recycle Couture 003

Recycle Couture 002Before

After 1After – SO CUTE

Recycle Couture 001

I washed and ironed the shirts first then I cut off the sleeves and so far I have 2 done.

The shirts with long sleeves I am going to try to cut and sew so that the sleeves can be used as the tie.

Instead of using a tie on the short sleeve shirts, I used a scarf. The long scarf is perfect length; and instead of tying to the side I used the front. So much easier to get on and off.

I love it when a craft project turns out great.

I am going to go back next week and buy up some more to make a sell at the craft fairs I go to.

Today’s Outfit:
I must say, this is a really cute outfit.
Newly made top
After 2
Black capris
Black sandals
Black sandals


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