Junkin’ Finds

This is what I got when I went junking this weekend!
Recycle Couture 001This top I am going to try to turn into a skirt ~ I got the ideas from http://www.trashtocouture.com. I aspire to be as good of a seamstress as she is.

Cost of shirt $2.99!!

Recycle Couture 002and this man’s shirt I am going to try to turn into a sleeveless shirt, but I can’t remember what website I saw it at.

Cost ~ $2.99~

Then I got this cute and kitschy jacket.Recycle Couture 003 It’s like the Christmas ones I love and most people hate, but a summer theme.

Cost ~ $2.99!

I embrace my unique and off the wall style, even if others don’t approve. I dress for me and what makes me happy; which I believe everyone should.

Today’s Outfit:
Navy top
Navy and teal skirt
Clothes 009
Navy flats
Fashion 001

Teal necklace and matching earrings
Recycle Couture 001Recycle Couture 002


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