Archive | June 5, 2015

Thrift Shop day

I got paid this week and it’s 1/2 day Friday! so guess what I am going to do today? Yep, I am going to some Thrift and antique stores. I am looking for a few specific things, like a nice big picture frame so I can turn it into a jewelry holder and for a block knife holder. I was surfing the web on recycle and up-cycle craft ideas when I saw this cool idea on how to take a used block knife holder and turn it into a thread. I think it would be great to hold rings.
When I do craft fairs, I like having easy to carry and easy to setup jewelry holders.

Today’s Outfit:

Aqua with white stripes top

Recycle Couture 001
Navy capris
Good walking sandals
Recycle Couture 001
Mermaid earrings
Recycle Couture 002

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend