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1/2 Day Friday’s Begin!!!

So excited that Corp has given us 1/2 day Fridays again. I am not sure what I want to do first. I would say have lunch with girlfriends, but they all have to work the whole day and most of them only get a 30 minute lunch. The ladies I work with are all married, so they have plans.

Today’s Outfit:
Pale green tank top
Multi coloured stripe jacket over tank
Striped jacket
Black capris
These great sandals that support your back by Orthaheel. I love to wear these when I go to festivals, flea markets, day hikes and general running around.
Recycle Couture 001Recycle  Couture 002
Silver hoops with this cute abalone necklace.
Recycle Couture 004


Today’s Outfit:
Navy top
Red Capris
White mother of pearl like stones and matching earrings.
I got the earrings from someone, I want to think it was my Aunt Nola, but I never had anything that really went with it. Then one day I was in a local store and found the necklace. I couldn’t believe how well the two matched.

Recycle Couture 002

Recycle Couture 003

Colourful flats
Recycle Couture 002

Changing purses

Purse 001I really like the purse I carried this month. It has a zipped pocket on the outside and side pockets, which are great for my cell phone and glasses.

Recycle Couture 006 This is the purse I am going to carry next month and probably all summer. I love this purse and I know I am not going to give it away. I got it at Disney last October.

Today’s Outfit: Lime tank with lime, navy and teal short sleeve top

Fashion 001

Navy skirt

Clothes 002

Silver sandals

clothing 001

1/2 Friday’s start this week!

I hope every one had a nice Memorial Weekend. I had cousins in from Alabama and Delaware. We had a fun time, visiting and eating.

During the summer, my work gives us 1/2 day Friday’s and this year they are starting a week early. I love working 3 1/2 days!

Today’s Outfit:

Colourful stripe tank top
Recycle Couture 003

Blue skirt
Today's Outfit 001

White cardigan
Recycle Couture 004

This is an extra detail I sewed on my cardigan so it wouldn’t just be boring white
Recycle Couture 001

White sandals

1/2 Day

I work a 1/2 day today and off Monday!

See what I did yesterday

Recycle Couture 001 I was kinda bored, so I played around with my markers…shh, don’t tell my boss!

Today’s Outfit:
Light coloured teal top
Fashion 005
Black skirt
Teal necklace
Blue and white necklace
Flats – I bought these at Rue 21 on a buy 1 get 1 1/2 sale

Recycle Couture 002