Archive | April 29, 2015

So…that didn’t work

The purse I have been carrying all month I like and I am keeping. So I got out the vintage straw purse and started pulling only the items I needed to carry.

My wallet – which I changed to a smaller one
Change purse because I have a smaller wallet
Cell phone
by the time I got to note book and lipstick I could not get the straw purse to close.
I tried another vintage straw purse. The top left brown straw purse.

Fashion 007
Same thing happened.
So instead I change to this purse.

I changed my wallet back and everything fit. It’s a big purse, but not as big as the orangey one from last month. I will see how this one does.

As for the vintage purses. I now know that they should be carried when I am going to a wedding, church, or lunch with the girls etc. As for every day life not so much.  This got me to thinking about how much stuff I carry in my purse. So I am still going to try to slim down what I carry and see what I can do without.

Today’s Outfit:

Purple top
Purple, pink and blue floral scarf – another $1.00 Tree find
Black skirt


$1.00 Tree scarves 002

These are the other scarves I got at the $1.00 Tree

$1.00 Tree scarves 006$1.00 Tree scarves 005$1.00 Tree scarves 004$1.00 Tree scarves 003$1.00 Tree scarves 002$1.00 Tree scarves 001