Archive | April 28, 2015

New Purse selection

Aunt NolaThis is my Aunt Nola

This is the purse I am carrying this month

Purse 186

but May is just around the corner so I am deciding what purse to carry next and I am going to try and carry this one.

StrawpurseThis is a vintage purse I got at Goodwill for just $4.99. It is kinda roomy and opens nice and wide. I am going to try to carry very minimal. I really don’t see this as being a success, but it’s worth the try.

Today’s Outfit:
Yellow top
Teal skirt
Floral scarf with blues, pinks, yellows. I can’t find my camera so when I do I will take a picture of my scarf…that I got at the $1.00 Tree!

$1.00 Tree scarves 001

Brown sandals