Archive | April 18, 2015

Aunt Nola

My Aunt Nola passed away late Thursday, April 16 of congestive heart failure.

She was 90 years old.

When she was younger she was a model. She said she was the type of model that wore outfits for a department store and walked around while ladies had lunch.

She meet my uncle at a USO dance. My uncle was in the airforce during WWII.

She was smart, beautiful and didn’t give another thought of what people thought of her. But more than that – she was one of my style icons.

She had jet black hair and beautiful features.

Thin as a  reed but eat like a horse. She didn’t believe in snacking or junk food or dieting.

She wore high heels every day of her life. She had the highest arch I ever saw. Once I told her she had Barbie doll feet, because her arch was that high.

She loved vintage… of course to her it wasn’t vintage. She is the one that got me into thrift stores and loving vintage clothing. Her and my bank account!

Over the years she gave me several pieces of jewelry and vintage purses, along with style advice. “Pleats do not look good on anyone” she would say.

My aunt was known for wearing hats…big beautiful hats and not just at Easter or on Mother’s Day. She wore them at weddings, funerals, luncheons with the ladies.

I wish I had asked her more questions about her life and get her advice on fashion. I am going to wear my hats more in honor of my Aunt Nola.

I will miss my Aunt Nola.

I love you Aunt Nola