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End of March

March is leaving like a lamb. Knock on wood no more….dare I say the S word!!! Nope not gonna take a chance. Let’s just say it is sunny and it is going to get to the high 70’s today!!

Today’s Outfit:
Multi-coloured pink spring top
Black skirt
Pink shoes


Carrying a different purse

This purse has an insert so sometimes it is hard to put my wallet in it, otherwise I really like this purse. Also the front pockets flip up and have a second pocket.

Purse 186

Purse 187

Purse 188

Purse 189

Purse 190


It is rainy and cold out, but I don’t care because it is Friday!!

Today’s Outfit:
Yellow top
Navy skirt
Bicycle scarf

Bicycle scarf

Navy shoes

Fashion 001

Dressing for Spring

It is suppose to get to 75! today!!

Today’s Outfit:
Black polka dots on white top
Tealy green skirt
SANDLES!!!!! (written with a BIG SMILE)

The purse didn’t make the cut

Almost the end of the month and the purse I have been carrying didn’t make the cut.Purse 006
Being so big it came in very handy while my mom was in the hospital. I used it to carry paper work, food and drinks extra socks etc, but as an everyday purse it is just too big, so it has been donated. I switched back to last months purse for now, but I haven’t decided which purse to carry next.

Also, when I donated the purse I also donated some wallets. I had about 3. I like the wallet I use now, but I needed to try the others. So I put my license, insurance cards etc and if I had more stuff…i.e. cards then slots the wallet was put in the donation pile.

Today’s Outfit:
Purple top
Purple, black and white polka dot skirt
Black flats

Getting back to “normal”

My mom goes to her Dr Wednesday and hopefully released and she can start driving again and get back to doing the things she enjoys.
It’s been a challenge but we haven’t gotten on each other’s nerves and mom likes my cooking ok, but some things I just don’t make as well as she does.