Horrible week

Tuesday night/Wednesday Morning at 1:00AM my mom wakes me up…(I moved in with my mom after my dad passed in 2013) that her chest hurts. So we go to the ER and we have been there since then. Tomorrow she has a heart test…can’t remember what the dr called it and she will probably have to have a Stint or Balloon in her heart. Dr said he was glad she didnt ignore her systoms and that down the road she could have had a stroke or heart attack.
The only good thing is that since Tuesday my mom hasn’t had a cig!!!



March is almost here so it is time for me to change purses.

This is the one I will be carryingPurse 006 I know that I won’t like it because it is TOO BIG. I do like this purse, but I wish it was about 1/3 of it’s size. But only time will tell.

The purse that I have carried this month I really, really like and I will probably carry it alot after I go thru all of my purses.

Today’s Outfit:
Brown top
Green skirt
Brown, green and red scarf
Brown boots


More Snow

Snow on top of the ice this morning,so I did not go into work today..txt boss and she wasn’t going in either.
With all this free time I have been painting some letters to glue broken jewelry on the letters.

Fashion 001

When I was setting up my painting supplies I pulled out my old magazines, and I wondered if anyone else does this. After I read and pull out all articles I want to keep, I use my old magazines for crafts. I pour my paint on them or pull the pages out, put them down to cover my work space and place the letters on the pages to dry.

Any one have a great craft idea they want to share?

Stay warm everyone.


Work was closed today

I got a txt from my boss last night that the office will be closed!! That has NEVER happened before, but Tennessee is under a state of emergency because of the ice and snow. We have been lucky and didn’t lose power last night, but 5500 houses were with out power and the news just stated that it is now 2100 houses.
Stay warm everyone.


Snow and Ice

I woke up to cold weather with the weatherman warning of snow, ice and rain. Got to work and it was raining a bit, but around 11:30 the rain had turned to freezing rain with a mix of snow. Then surprise work sent out an email stating we were closing early! That has never happened. So I am home safe, sound and warm.

Today’s Outfit:
Layering at it’s best! LOL 🙂
Black long sleeve top
Teal, lime green, black and white stripe pull over sweater
Black leggings
Black skirt
Black boots

Outfit Now:
Black long sleeve top and pullover sweater
Thick socks
Thicker house shoes
Now watching Sex and The City on E