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After a lot of searching I found a navy jacket I liked and I found it at Sears! for $9.99 it had been priced at $19.99.
Today’s Outfit:
Pink top
Pink stone necklace

Fushia necklace

Navy jacket
Burgundy skirt
Nude tights
Leather loafers


Off today for MLK day


It’s snowing a little here and everyone is freaking out! It’s not even sticking. I grew up in Indiana and I don’t miss snow, but I remember how to drive in it.

Today’s Outfit:
White top
Navy skirt
Yellow scarf
Navy leggings
Yellowy tan boots
Gold hoop earrings

Today’s Outfit:
Red pullover sweater
White tank underneath
Red, black, white and taupe circle skirt
White tights
Taupe boots

Colour clothing needed!

Today’s Outfit:
Red pullover sweater
Black tank underneath
Black skirt
Black tights
Black booties

Ok after seeing my outfit in writing I am going to have to add MORE colour!!!


Today’s Outfit:
White top
Bicycle cardigan

Fashion 005

Gray skirt
Gray tights
Leather shoes

Today’s Outfit:

Camel sweater

Brown leggings

Tan boots