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Need to Relax

What a busy busy day. So glad boss is taking 1/2 day tomorrow, this weekend I plan on staying in and doing crafts.
Today’s Outfit:
Purple top
Gray skirt
Gray tights
Black shoes


Today’s Outfit:
White top
Silver necklace and earrings
Green cardigan
Green skirt
Brown boots

Cold and a little snow

The snow came, but it was melted before noon, but the cold stayed!

Today’s outfit:
Because of the cold and snow I changed what I had planned on wearing.
Black tank
Colourful pink, teal, mustard and green pullover sweater
Black leggings – alot warmer than tights
Black skirt
Black booties


I saw gas for $1.89!!!!

Today’s Outfit:
Black and burgundy with sugar skull T-shirt
Burgundy skirt
Colourful stone necklace

Brown and Teal stone necklace

Teal stone earrings

Teal stone earrings

Burgundy tights

Leather loafers

Today’s Outfit:
Light blue top
Black and White check skirt
Silver chain necklace
Silver disc earrings
Pale gray tights
Black flats

I have been trying to weed out all the purses I have…well I have alot, but I have a cousin who STILL has every single purse and pair of shoes she has ever own! How I wish I was kidding.
Now I do have several vintage purses and occasionally I carry them. Those I will NOT be getting rid of.

Fashion 007

So I decided to carry a new purse each month and at the end of the month if I don’t like it…the purse is being donated. So far I like the one I am carrying.

So Next month(which will be here before you know it)I have decided to carry a cross body purse. I had one I loved, but it was made from nylon and the zippers started to rip! So this one is man made leather and has enough pockets and it holds my wallet.

Today’s Outfit:
Navy pullover sweater
Camel skirt
Silver necklace and hoop earrings
Nude tights
Brown leather loafers