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Hello 2015!

Happy(almost)New Year!
Christmas Sweaters 003Cocktail T-shirt
Black leggings
Ready to bring in the New Year

I hope everyone has a safe and Cheerful New Years!


My boss took the week off but you couldn’t tell by all emails I ‘ve been getting. Oh well tomorrow is 1/2 day. Then off to celebrate.

Do any of you have New Year’s traditions?

Each New Years at midnight…if I am at home I walk thru my front door with a loaf of bread and a dollar bill and place it on my kitchen table. Doing this is suppose to assure you that you will have enough food and money for the whole year. I have been doing for years and so far so good!

Today’s Outfit:
Brown mustard colored dress
Brown leggings
Gold hoop earrings
Brown booties

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Back to work tomorrow.  For Christmas I got a makeup set by Hard Candy and while I am not one to advertise or show how to put on makeup. There more than enough You tube and blogs that do that. I have to say Hard Candy’s Sheer Envy Primer and Glamoflauge are amazing!

Christmas Week

Today I just worked ¹/2 a day and I am off the rest of the week! Then when I come back my Boss will be off, so it will feel like 2 weeks of vacation!

Today’s Outfit:

Gold summery top

Brown leggings

Long brown sweater

Sleeveless Brown Sweatercoat

brown booties

Gold earrings & necklace


Went and saw Wild with Reece Witherspoon and it was wonderful!!

Today’s Outfit:

Taupe top

Taupe & black sweater

Black skirt

Black tights

Black booties