Another day with the visitors, but today they are taking us to lunch so that’s nice.
Today’s Outfit:
Taupe top
Red, taupe, white polka dot skirt
Red necklace and earring
red necklace


red earrings

Black flats


Friday and Foggy

So glad today is Friday. It has been an LONG week. Rainy, foggy and dreary all week that i decided to dress “up” today.
Today’s Outfit:
Pink top
Burgundy skirt
The necklace, earrings and bracelet that I am wearing today are from the misc bag of jewelry I bought for $5.00 earlier this summer. Only 2 stones missing from the bracelet.
Necklace 001

The earrings had clip backs so I took them off and glued posts backs on.

Necklace 002

Necklace 005