Elusive Navy

Why is it that the colour Navy is not a basic colour that is made in everything from purses, shoes, skirts and dresses?
I consider Navy like Black it is always good to have one on hand.
It goes with everything and it can be dressed up or down.
So for several years I have been looking for a nice every day navy dress and navy loafer. I like loafers with a bit of a heel, not the wedge style, and at an affordable price.
Well it looks like my luck has changed. I was in Old Navy a few days ago and there they were a nice pair of Navy Loafers and on SALE! Now I wish that the heel could have been a bit bigger but I am not going to look a gift horse or is that shoe horse in the mouth.
Fashion 001Fashion 002
My strike continued when last night I went into Cato after work and what to my surprise I saw a navy dress. Light jersey short sleeve plain, no fuss, no frills navy dress.

Fashion 001

I couldn’t believe my Luck….I think I might just play the lottery…let’s see Navy on the telephone is 6289…I will have to play those numbers!

Today is a 1/2 day and the flea market has started back, so I not wearing my navy dress today.
Today’s Outfit:
Teal top
Black capris
Teal and silver scarf
Silver earrings
Brown sandals


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