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Dumpster diving at it’s Best

Happy Birthday Marion Cotillard

Friday when I was leaving the movie theatre I drove pass some little shops and leaning against the dumpster was this picture. I got out and I didn’t see anything wrong it. I put it in my car and went home. When I got home I noticed this little crack at the edge of the picture.

Fashion 003

Fashion 002 see the crack in glass.

The frame alone was worth keeping. But some people just are wasteful.

Today’s Outfit:
Purple Top
Polk a dot black, white and purple skirt
Pearl earrings and necklace
Black shoes



Today’s Outfit:
Red Top
Black skirt
Red, black and gray scarf
Black flats

Another pair of Navy Shoes!

I went to G.B. Shoes last night ~ which by the way I LOVE that store. Just to look around and what do I spy Navy shoes in the style I love. BM~ Bernie Mev shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

Fashion 002

Fashion 001

Navy must be in this season because I am seeing it everywhere. I don’t need anymore navy shoes, but I am going to keep my eye out for more navy dresses and skirts.
After stopping in a G. B. Shoes I went to Target to buy this wonderful lotion, it’s by J. R. Watkins and my favorite is Lemon Cream. The smell just wakes me up in the morning. Plus it was on sale.

Fashion 005

Today’s Outfit:
White top
Navy capris
Navy scarfBlue scarf
My new NAVY Bernie Mev Shoes!!

Today’s Outfit:
Purple design top

Fashion 001

Fashion 002
Green capris

Fashion 003
Black and taupe flats

Fashion 004


This weekend I went to the Flea Market, it runs from September to May. I bought this really cool purse for $5.00 it is an accordion style purse and in great shape.

Fashion 002 front view

Fashion 003side view

Fashion 004inside

Then I went to Goodwill and found this album. All the albums at Goodwill sell for .29 cents! I am a bit of a theatre geek. Love musicals.

Fashion 001

Today’s outfit:
Navy tank top
Bicycle cardigan I got at Target

Fashion 005Fashion 006
Fuchsia skirt
Navy loafers
Fashion 001