A few things

School starts back next week for the kids of Knoxville and because of that retailers have been bringing out the autumn and winter clothing; which for Tennessee is crazy. I know last winter was one of the worst this area has had in a while, but jackets, hats, scarfs etc really shouldnt be out until October. 

Of course when I was growing up school didnt start back until after Labor Day. 

Then there is Hobby Lobby…one of my favorite craft stores, in July the store started putting out their Christmas Trees and decorations.

And I think Santa was there doing some shopping because when I was at Hobby Lobby last week I saw this bumper stickerFashion 001!

I love the cooler weather, autumn is my favorite season, but I get tired of the retail stores rushing thru the seasons. I am going to wear my capris, tanks, sandals and sundresses until either the calendar says it’s autumn or it’s in the 50’s all day long!
My tights and boots will just have to wait their turn.

Today’s Outfit:
Red Top
White capris
White earrings made from buttonsFashion 003
White necklace that I got in a $5.00 grab bag from the anitque store.Fashion 002
Then I bought these sandals while on vacation.Fashion 004Fashion 005


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