Archive | July 2014

Today’s Outfit:
Black top
Black and pale teal skirt with swirl designFashion 119
Teal necklace and earringsBrown and Teal stone necklaceTeal stone earrings
Black sandalsBlack sandals


Today’s Outfit:
Taupe top
Brown skirt
Gold hoop earringsGold hoop earrings
Gold necklaceFashion 002
Brown sandals

Today’s outfit:
Purple top
Black capris
Purple and silver necklace
Black sandals

Today’s outfit:
Black top
Fushia skirt
Fushia insect scarf2014 Summer Vacation 118
Black shoes


I thought this day would never get here!! He He

Today’s outfit:
Green and white stripe top
Jean capris

All caught up

I am for the most part caught up at work from being on vacation last week. Whew!
Today’s outfit:
Coral and brown strapless dress with brown top over it
Coral necklace
Brown sandals
Coral dressCoral necklace

Is It Friday Yet?

The week is going pretty fast and I am almost caught up, but boy it sure would be nice it it was Friday already!
Today’s outfit:
White top
New scarf I got while on vacation. It is purple covered with dragon flies and other bugs. I bought it at a cute little boutique in South Knoxville called Sally’s Alley.

2014 Summer Vacation 118

Purple capris that are a perfect match to the colour of the scarf
Brown sandals