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1/2 Day Fridays!

Today 1/2 Day Fridays start for the summer. My work has been doing this for about 3 years now. We work until 12:30 and get paid for a full day! I love it, oh and we get to wear jeans.
Today’s outfit:
Snoopy top
Blue jean skirt
Silver hoop earrings


Today’s outfit
White top
Teal strapless dress/skirt ~ today I am wearing it as a skirtTeal dress
Multi-layered bead necklace

Back to work

I could really get use to having a 4 day work week.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Today’s outfit
Blue, green, yellow orange and red stripe tank top
White short shrug
Navy skirt
Fish necklaceFish necklace
Brown sandals

Finally Friday and a 3 day weekend to boot!

Long weekend ahead, so looking forward to it. Nothing special plan, cook out with neighbors if it doesnt rain. Maybe hit some garage sales and thrift stores or stay home and sew.
Today’s outfit:
Black sleeveless top
Khaki capris
Red necklace and matching earrings

 red necklacered earrings
Brown sandlas

Today’s outfit:
Lime and white stripe top
White pants
Jeweled sandalsJeweled shoe
Big stone lime necklace

Wonderful Wednesday

StrawI bought these umbrella straws at the $1.00 tree to drink my water at work so I can pretend I am on an island somewhere. Instead of being inside and working on a computer all day! AAh…I feel the warm sun on my face and the sand and water on my feet.

Today’s outfit:
Green, navy and teal stripe shirt
Teal capris
Brown sandals
Silver jewelry