Archive | April 28, 2014

Fun Weekend

Saturday I went to the Flea Market and found this old wallet for $5.00.

Old wallet1Old wallet2Old wallet3 I bought it for this cool key holder!

Then Sunday I was reading First Magazine and it had this article on organzing your tank tops. In the summer I LIVE in my tank tops, because here in Knoxville it gets very humid and hot.

It can be 80 degrees out at 6 AM! Also I can wear a tank to work with a shrug over it and take the shrug off and be ready for a night out on the town.

So the article state to use shower curtain holders and put them on hangers.1

I did, but the hanger wasnt staying level and swaying a little (see pix)2

so I decide to use these clothing holders. Remember them? 43

I bought them because I use to own a house made in the 50’s so the closets were VERY SMALL ,these holders helped me alot, but I still had to use both closets for my clothes.

This worked out SO MUCH BETTER!5

Today’s outfit:
White tank
White shrug
Red capris
Red floral scarf
Brown sandals
Oh and the temp at 9:00 am it’s already 63 and humid out!