Knoxville got alot of rain and wind last night but no tornados…so far.

Here is the newest ring I made…it was a clip earring! I am so glad I have another one to make, because this is one I am going to keep.

bee ring

Today’s outfit:
Green top
Bike scarf

Bicycle scarf

Navy capris
Brown shoes


Fun Weekend

Saturday I went to the Flea Market and found this old wallet for $5.00.

Old wallet1Old wallet2Old wallet3 I bought it for this cool key holder!

Then Sunday I was reading First Magazine and it had this article on organzing your tank tops. In the summer I LIVE in my tank tops, because here in Knoxville it gets very humid and hot.

It can be 80 degrees out at 6 AM! Also I can wear a tank to work with a shrug over it and take the shrug off and be ready for a night out on the town.

So the article state to use shower curtain holders and put them on hangers.1

I did, but the hanger wasnt staying level and swaying a little (see pix)2

so I decide to use these clothing holders. Remember them? 43

I bought them because I use to own a house made in the 50’s so the closets were VERY SMALL ,these holders helped me alot, but I still had to use both closets for my clothes.

This worked out SO MUCH BETTER!5

Today’s outfit:
White tank
White shrug
Red capris
Red floral scarf
Brown sandals
Oh and the temp at 9:00 am it’s already 63 and humid out!


Happy Earth Day

Today’s outfit
Perwinkle blue top
Khaki capris
and in honor of earth day my bicycle scarf. I dont live close enough to work to actually ride my bike to work so this will have to do.
Bicycle scarf
Leather sandals
Bicycle earrings like the picture showed below but in pale blue
Pink bike


Beautiful Weekend

This weekend was beautiful!
Easter Sunday was sunny and warm
I wore my yellow and lime dress with a white shrug and cream espadrillesYellow and lime dress

Today’s outfit:
Purple top
Purple and white scarf
Taupe gauzy knee length skrit
Purple hoop earrings
Leather sandals


1/2 Day

I only work a 1/2 day today and then work is closed tomorrow!
I have 2 outfits for Easter
If it is nice out and the weatherman said it should be I will be wearing the yellow and green dress with a white shrug and espadrillesYellow and lime dress

If it is cold I will wear a black skirt and pale pink top with my pink jacketfrench jacket 001
Today’s outfit
Bright Pink top
Navy capris
Bird motif scarf
Pink bicycle earringsPink bike



While I was at lunch today I noticed a new nail salon opened, but NOT just a nail salon they offer alterations also!! Nail Salon

Those are 2 businesses I would never have thought to put together. I just hope you dont have to stand and get your nails done while you are being measured!!!