Well there was another bat found by the door to my dept!
It looks like it is a baby bat…kinda cute.bat2
The maintance man said the building was sealed last summer, but I cant imagine bats managing to fly thru 2 doors and no one noticing it.
There was 4 bats in all last year and so far 2 with in a span of 6 days of each other. I think they are in the roof.

Today’s outfit
Pale teal top
Black skirt
Black and tan flats
Pale teal and white bead necklace that was my grandmothers Blue and white necklace


Is it Spring? Winter? Spwrinter??

Yesterday was crazy weather day! The day started out gloomy, then the sun was shining and it would start to snow while the sun was out! Today’s clear and bright but the temp is 25! burr cold. I hope it gets into the high 60’s like the weather guy said.
Today’s outfit
Purple top
Khaki capris
Purple bead necklace and earrings
Purple sparkly tomsPurple shoes


Crazy Friday

Well my morning started off crazy. I clocked in and was about to walk into my dept when I noticed in front of the door was a brown lump. I asked a co-worker if that was leaf or a bat? We had 4 bats in and around our dept last year. One was in my office in the recycling bin!
We called Mark our maintance guy, he came, but a bin over the bat and called the wild life guy. The wild life guy got the bat and is releasing it when he goes to The Smokey Mountains today. Bat
What a way to end the week!

Today’s outfit
Yellow and white stripe top
Navy capris
Yellow chain necklace
Yellow hoop earrings
Leather sandals


First Day of Spring!

Spring has Sprung! I dont think I have EVER been this happy to see Spring!
It is suppose to get to 68! today, I sure hope so.

Today’s Spring outfit:
Teal Sleeveless dress
Teal and white floral tank underneath
White crop jacket
Blue on blue polk a dot scarf
Black and tan flats
Blue sparkley earrings