While I was on vacation I went to my favorite Antique store. I love spending hours in it, going thru each little booth and finding wonderful surprises. The upstairs of the store is kinda scary, it has dips in it and squeks, sometimes I think I am going to fall thru! but it doesnt stop me from going up there!
I collect a little bit of everything, but lately I have been on a mission to collect state plates.I found 2 more state plates, NM and WV (pictures to come later) $2.50 each.
I already have Florida, Mississippi, Nebraska and Texas. I plan on putting the plates on my kitchen wall in the arrangement of the States.
I also bought 4 enamel trays(pictures to come later) 4 for $3.75
I bought 3 grab bags for $5.00 each full of jewelry. Here is one set that was in the bag, more pictures to come.
necklace bracelet earring set
I took pictures of some of the items in the store.8 So funny! I am thinking about going back and buying these 2!
76543219-these are scary stairs!
Today’s outfit
Gray top
Burgundy skirt
The burgundy necklace, bracelet and earring set I got in the $5.00 grab bag
Nude tights
Brown loafers


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