Ode to the Brown Sweater Coat

I have this Brown Sweater Coat that was my mom’s. She was going to donate it and asked me if I wanted it? Of course I said yes. Mom got it as a gift from one of the grandkids and she wore, but not alot. So I took it and loved to wear it around the house on lazy weekends and I would wear it to work during the spring, when it’s warm, but not WARM.
Brown sweater coat
While I was putting up my laundry Tuesday I saw this nice brown sweater that had seen better days and I wondered what I could do to cheer up it.
So after some thought I took my scissors and cut off the arms! And Voilà new life to a warm and cozy sweater. Sleeveless Brown Sweatercoat

Today’s outfit:
Red outfit
Brown top
Red skirt
Brown, red and green scarf
Brown boots
Red earrings
Oh yeah…and the brown sweater coat


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