I was on Elle’s website looking at the street chic section to see what was worn to the London Fashion Week and New York Fashion week and I have to say I think the show attendee’s dressed better than some of the editors, and models, etc. There was one lady that kept jumping out to me and not for a good reason. She is some big fashion editor, and of course I am a no body but there are something’s that just go without saying.
Dressing age appropriate is one of them and this person does not!
She needs to lay off of the spray tan, stop showing her knees; not a pretty sight, but more that anything else she needs to stand up straight!
It doesn’t matter if the dress you are wearing is from J.C. Penney’s or Coco Chanel newest dress of the season, nothing looks good on a person if they are hunched over like a 99 year old woman.
My mother and especially my grandmother would tell me to stand up straight and it has stuck.

Today’s outfit:
Pink top
Black capris
Black toms
Hematite necklace and earrings