Archive | August 2013

Leaving for Indiana today at noon to take my mom to see the 2 new great grandbabies.
Can’t wait.
I packed 2 bags. 1 bag is clothes and the other is toiletries. My mom however has like 2 bags, a hanging up bag and her toiletry bag…I am calling mom Suzanne like from Designing Women; mom’s just doesnt have the wig box!
Today’s outfit
Green top
Jean skirt
Brown sandals


Today’s outfit
Striped purple, lime and teal top
Teal capris
Brown sandals
Teal hoop earrings

Today’s outfit
Stripe white top of green, navy and teal
Green capris
Brown sandals
Green hoop earrings

Today’s outfit
Black tank top
Red, Black, white and taupe polk a dot skirt
White crop jacket
Silver jewelry

Today’s outfit
Brown, green, taupe striped top
Brown skirt
Brown sandals

Today’s outfit
Teal top with a peacock on it
Blue jean skirt
Brown sandals

Today’s outfit:
Purple top
Black capris
Black canvas shoes
Multi-coloured stone earrings