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Happy Birthday to Colin Farrell-one of my favorite actors
1/2 day today, great way to end the month.
Fanboy Convention this weekend.
Lee Majors and Elvira are going to be here! So excited
Today’s outfit:
White top
Black capris
Fushia necklaceFushia necklace
Leather sandals


I went to the Mall the other day and while I was looking at dresses I wandered over to the prom dresses.
There were still alot of them, but this dress caught my eye. Puffy Red dress
It reminded me of the 80’s! I may have worn a dress like that then.
I liked it except the fushia sash. I would have put anything else but fushia. Maybe an electric blue, purple even a classic black sash.
Today’s outfit
Black tank
Black shrug
Fushia skirt
Colourful stone necklace
Black sandals

Today’s outfit
Purple top
Purple and white polk a dots on black
A necklace I call  my Caroline Channing Pearls(2 broke girls)

Caroline Channing Necklace
Pearl earrings
Black sandals

Back to work after a long weekend.
Boss is in Chicago for a convention and a short week for me I am taking a 1/2 day on Friday.
There were several garage sales this weekend, but I didnt get to any. I cleaned out and arranged my dad’s shed. He has alot of room now, if he had only let me help him when he put it up. 😦
Next is helping my mom with the garage!
Today’s outfit:
Red and Yellow swirl design top
Red Capris
Red hoop earrings
Leather sandals

Today is my dad’s birthday. He would have been 79
Happy Birthday Dad.
Love ya

Looking forward to the long weekend.
Today’s outfit
Stripe top
Teal capris
Leather sandals
Teal hoop earrings

Today’s outfit
Gray and Taupe floral top
Taupe skirt
Gray stone necklace
Silver hoop earrings
Jeweled sandals
Jeweled shoe