I am addicted to Once Upon a Time. I love it. It is the one show I don’t miss and record if I am going to be out. I don’t answer my phone if someone does call, but all my friends know not to call me during that time. I love how all of these fairytale movies have been out the last few years like Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirror Mirror and of course The Great and Powerful Oz. What I have notice though is all the Evil Queens and Witches have the coolest and most glamorous outfits!
Now I do like Snow White/Mary Margaret outfits on Once but most of the other “Good” Witches outfits are kind of tame.
Why is that? Just because you have a good heart doesnt mean you cant be sexy? Doesnt mean you cant wear chain mail like Charlize Theron’s Character in Snow White and The Huntsman. I have to say though Regina and her mother Cora and young Cora’s outfits are my favorites. I love their outfits! Not that I have a place to wear these lovely outfits if I owned them, but you never know when you might be invited to a BALL!
Today’s not so Regal Outfit:
Stripedblack, white and gray tank
Slate trousers
Pink Cardigan
Black clogs
Pearl earrings


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