Archive | March 2013

Cleaning the house and then going to kick back and enjoy the day


Off today for Good Friday.
Sewed on my mermaid doll and just relaxed.

Today’s outfit
Purple top
Brown trousers
Purple sparkley shoesPurple shoes

Mermaid2Last night I sewed on my new mermaid doll. This is the body. I have to finish her scales and then start on her head and arms
Today’s outfit
Multi coloured striped top
Green trousers
Gold jewelry

It’s snowing again. Yuck.
I am starting on a new mermaid doll, so it can snow all it wants.
Today’s outfit
Yellow with blue stripe ruffle top from Old Navy
Navy pencil skirt
Navy stone jewelry

I woke up this morning to snow on the ground! It is still snowing, crazy!
Today’s outfit
Red long sleeve top
Red, Black, White and Tan Polk a dot skirt
BOOTS! to keep me warm
Silver jewelry


1/2 day at work today. Meeting a friend for lunch then the movie Admissions.
Today’s outfit
Teal top with peacock design
Black trousers
Black clogs
Silver jewelry